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We've all been there.

In between meetings you catch 10 minutes to make a post to meet the quota for the day. But which photo do you pick? What do you say? Is anyone even listening, not to mention your ideal client? It's easy to feel like you're flinging an image out into the internet, only for it to get lost in the sea of the masses. #isanyoneoutthere?

But guess what?

We’ve got you. We’ll show you how to use your Instagram + Facebook account to create an engaging social media presence that truly looks and feels like your brand, grows your audience, and convert those followers into paying customers. Or, better yet, we’ll do it for you. There's no need to waste precious hours staring at your 5' x 3' smartphone screen + your two thumbs -
you have a business to run after all!



Each tied with a pretty bow.

Don't see an offer that suits your needs? Send us an email + let us know how we can help.

-strategy consultation to up-level your social media game-

In our 1.5 hour consultation, you’ll learn the best Instagram strategies to help you create a beautiful, engaging profile that will convert your followers into paying customers + clients. First, we'll get clear on the 'what' and 'why' of your social media goals via a brief phone call + questionnaire survey, and then we'll have a virtual or in-person meeting to "dig in" and discuss the best ways to execute this strategy to achieve your goals. You'll also receive customized hashtags tailored to your target market to boost your engagement + following.

Ready for a full-on strategy plan? Email us to find out about our full “Dig-in” strategy package.

-creating visual content that shines-
starting at $300

Do you have a vision for a great Instagram or Facebook account, but can’t figure out how to create the idea that’s in your head?
Are you a caption wordsmith, but finding the right image to engage your audience is like pulling teeth?

Let’s polish your profile and create visual content that’ll shine. I understand it takes time + energy to create beautiful images.

With this package you’ll receive:

*  1-on-1 support to align your visual content with your brand

*   Image feedback, advice + ideas

*  60 minute photo shoot to establish the foundation of a beautiful profile

*  Strategies to help your account stand out to first time visitors and to keep them coming back

*  Content scheduling tips + useful apps to save you time

*  Confidence to create visuals on your own


prices vary upon posting frequency

Do you find yourself wishing you had additional support to keep up with your Instagram account? Do you have a profile for your business, but you’re not sure how to leverage it? Curious about strategies that could grow your following and engagement in minutes?

Let’s team up 1-on-1 to manage your Instagram account together.

By collaborating with us you’ll receive:

*  Support to establish and tackle your goals

*  Optional Instagram strategy work to grow your tribe + engagement

*  Support in becoming a caption wordsmith, an image curator or a posting wizard.

*  We’ll schedule meetings + follow ups to create an Instagram account that works for you.


-the "whole package"-
prices vary per project

Have you hired social media managers that you just didn’t see results from?
Do you lack the time to maintain an Instagram account that will work for you + your business?

Let us do the work for you.

With the Instagram Management package, we will post to your account regularly (at a decided frequency) to help you build an engaging, beautiful profile + a loyal following that will convert to paying customers. With this offer you'll receive all of the perks of the 1-on-1 Instagram Collaboration package plus additional content support, strategy assistance + monthly analytics reports and check-in calls.



+ engagement / account growth bundle

+ micro-influencer seeding

+ photo shoot production

+ wardrobe or prop styling: fashion, lifestyle, flat lay + more

+ event styling

Inquire for project pricing.



two options:

Portland fashion social media stylist


On any given day you can find her running about Portland on a photo shoot, at the home office with her laptop + two cats, or at her desk at the local co-working space. On off-duty days she’ll be on the yoga mat or at a local music venue getting her boogie on.”



If you are a purpose-driven business, entrepreneur, or creative who ready to take their Instagram and Facebook game to the next level, We'd love to chat with you. While we’re based here in Portland, Oregon, we work with clients remotely all around the world.

Enter the free Facebook group to join the Opal Social community and see for yourself!



Did you love working together?
Do you have feedback?

Tell us about it so we can be even better!

“"When outsourcing any element of your marketing, the most nerve-wracking consideration is keeping your brand voice consistent and authentic. The team at Style Opal has an incredible talent at matching brand voice — so much so that on multiple occasions, I was left trying to remember when I had written certain content — only to realize that I hadn't. Having your marketing/social team be an extension of your brain and brand is invaluable, and Style Opal nails that."

Ian Pratt, founder + CEO at @thewellersociety and Weller Creative

"While I've always found inspiration in Instagram, I've been infamously slow to share my own content and be visible on it. Jyss' workshop on confidence and visibility on Instagram not only filled me with motivation to get out there and be joyful about being seen, but it also gave me actionable, easy steps I could take to better communicate who I am and what I do for others using social media. Jyss has a gift—hurry up and hire her!"

@AlexisRockley, author of Find Your F*ck Yeah, podcaster, and anti-coach

social-media-manager for women owned businesses

“As the owner of a creative women's studio, it was crucial to reach the right kind of audience in order to increase our visibility. Jyssica came into our lives at the right time and sat down with us to discuss our current needs and future goals for our business and its community outreach. Right from the get go, she understood our brand's voice and was able to perfectly replicate it on Instagram. In just a few months, she increased our number of followers by 700%! We are truly grateful that Jyssica helped our studio reach the level of local recognition we were aiming for!”

-Amy Neito, owner of Broad Space and Little Bright Studio


social media managers for retail

"I had tried various social media managers and never saw results until working with Jyssica. She grew our following by the thousands, and tripled the engagement on our page. Customers come into the shop or visit us online all the time looking to buy an outfit they saw on our Instagram!"

- Nicole Whitesell, owner of Shop Adorn


badass social media manager and strategist

"Jyssica is amazing! She has a knack for navigating Instagram with ease. She helped me understand not only how to fully use all the functions on the app, but also how to be playful with my images, caption, and brand. She helped me figure out strategies to grow my following and be consistent even with my busy schedule. Because of Jyssica I view Instagram as a light-hearted, fun and enjoyable aspect of my business with endless possibilities to engage with my audience and grow my business online.”

- Amy Dushane, Strategic Storytelling Consultant of DIGNITY BLEND.

best social media for retail

“Jyssica has essentially single-handedly developed the look and feel of our our Instagram and Facebook feeds. In addition she has developed all of our hashtags, which has resulted in customers finding us online that otherwise would not have known we existed. Thanks to Jyssica’s efforts, customers have come into the store and told us they found us via social media.”

- Erinn Warner, co-owner of Gild Shoes

best ROI on using social media to grow my business

“Jyssica is easily one of the most creative people I know. I've worked with Jyssica throughout a variety of projects. Jyssica is the type of person that can do it all while looking fabulous, composed and exceeding expectations.”

- Jessica Barzler, Founder of Barzler Consulting




“When I implemented the tips I learned in class, my engagement went up immediately, and I have been gaining followers that care and are interested in what I'm posting. I've already begun collaborating with three brands since Instagram Bootcamp.”

-Lexi, blogger, @verycoolgirllex

"Bootcamp taught me valuable, relevant and immediately applicable techniques to help build upon my brand and my aesthetic. She helped me gain a direction, develop a methodology for using IG and solid tips to create content."

-Caroline, event producer + AirBnB owner, @caminocabin

"This Instagram Bootcamp was awesome! I loved that Jyss was able to put so much information into only four weeks! And getting to learn alongside other business owners was great because it made the training very involved. I'm already seeing some results and I can't wait to fully implement all of the training I received during the bootcamp!"

-Paige, @tequilastainedtees


More sample content is available upon request.


So, what are you waiting for?

-sample client work-